• Section 4. Case Study Introduction

    Case Study Introduction

    Video Lecture #4 - Case Studies and Meal Planning

    In your practice there are a number of potential audiences for you to discuss the potential health benefits of Vegetarian Menu Planning:

    1. Adults – male or female
    2. Infants and Toddlers
    3. Teens
    4. Sports
    5. Vegan Nutrition in Pregnancy
    6. Seniors
    7. Other consideration for ethnic preferences or requirements

    Description of Learning Model

    Practice illustration examples are used to illustrate day-to-day performance of the competency. Case-based simulation is a technique in which a case is presented in a realistic manner, often including documents the practitioner would have in practice (such a referral forms, medical records, food diaries) followed by a series of questions about the case. An individual must decide the best courses of action based on information presented. The advantage of this approach is that it simulates real-life practice.

    You will be required to correctly answer each of the questions within the Case Studies in order to progress through the course. Once you have completed all the Case Study Questions and the course content you can print your Certificate.

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