• Section 5. Case Study #1: Stanley K. - Weight Loss Objective

    Case Study #1 - Stanley K. - Weight Loss Objective

    Video Lecture #5 - Stanley K. Menu Planning 

    Introducing Stanley K.

    Stanley K. comes to see you for weight loss. He is not a vegan or vegetarian at this time but some of his co-workers have told him that he would lose weight if he became vegetarian.

    Stanley started to research this and became confused as to how to eat vegetarian, not be hungry and actually lose weight. He would like you to help him create a diet that will work for him.

    Initial Evaluation

    His initial evaluation with you indicates that he is a 46 year old male, 5’10”, 215 pounds. He has a wife and two children who are not vegetarian and have no plans for becoming vegetarian. Per Stanley’s doctor, his last labs were normal and he has no co-morbidities other than being overweight.

    You will be required to correctly answer each of the questions within the Case Studies in order to progress through the course. Once you have completed all the Case Study Questions and the course content you can print your Certificate.

    After completing the this Case Study, go to the "Section 6" in the Navigation Bar to continue through the course.

    •  Case Study #1 – Stanley K. - Weight Loss Objective Lesson
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