• Section 6. Case Study #2: Karen L. - Maintaining a Healthy Diet

    Case Study #2 – Karen L. - Maintaining a Healthy Diet

    Video Lecture #6 – Karen L. Menu Planning


    Introducing Karen L.

    Karen is a 25 year old female, recently graduated from college and is looking for a job. She is coming to you because she has started feeling very tired all the time and has been having excessive bloating and gas with occasional abdominal pains. 

    Her primary care physician gave her a physical with basic labs but could not find anything wrong except for some minor anemia. He prescribed OTC iron pills and gas-x. He then suggested she see a dietitian since she is also slightly underweight.


    Karen tells you that she is lacto-ovo vegetarian. She has been practicing this since she started college and some of her friends were doing this. She has kept it up because it made her feel good and gave her lots of energy. She wants to continue this choice if she can.

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